Rhonda Swanson at Swanson Photography

Meet the Artist:

I have always had an eye for beauty and a heart for expression. As a child I always wanted to be a therapist so I
could “learn” about feelings and thus received two Masters Degrees: One in Psychology and one in Social Work. From the time I had my 4 children and bought my first point and shoot camera I have been "hooked" on photography. The result of combining my two loves has been the ability to capture beautiful moments that speak to the heart.

As a professional and as an individual, I noticed there are both positives and negatives in life and the world we live in. I began to experience a feeling of JOY and INSPIRATION when I was in the presence of beauty and wanted to "bottle" that feeling. I began taking pictures of those images or moments that "Moved me" to share that beauty with others.

It has since been my passion to capture that special "feeling" in a photograph that will not only bring "pleasure to the eye" but "touch our hearts" for generations to come.

May the BEAUTY in and around all of us SHINE

Sincerely yours,
Rhonda Swanson

Nacogdoches, TX

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